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Why to us

We offer the following services to our valuable clients:
We will arrange to send samples and cost along with garment details of required quality and quantity in various designs of our perusal. We are always ready to send the sales man samples in middle size. Development samples will be sent to the buyers. We will inspect the orders from the starting stage to the date of shipment and the buyers will be informed up to date details. We are ready to send “Size Set” before production to get the approval, (pre-production sample). A copy of the inline inspection report and final inspection report will be submitted to the buyers before shipment.
The confirmation of packing details and cartoon sleeps is taken from the buyers. We follow from knitting, dyeing, calendaring,………..compacting, printing, embroidery, stitching, and packing all in proper way. We have in-house laboratory testing facilities to check the quality parameters like:
Fabric Inspection
All of the fabric deliveries taken from the dye house are controlled by appearance cut able width, fabric weight and dimensional stability before production stage. The fabric must pass through both the physical and chemical tests to be cut. The color continuity of the dye lots are also inspected and archived by the color cards. Horizontal and vertical defects are controlled with the Dyed Fabric Control Machine. All of these inspections are performed by our well experienced Technical Experts.
The approval fabrics are accepted into cutting department, defected fabrics are not send to further production stages.
The defects occurred during the sewing process are inspected and it is cleared before the next step.
Before packaging, all the processed parts of the products are controlled by our QC. The defects are then classified and documented separately. The final Quality Control Report is prepared. The shipment is done according to the AQL Value of the customer.
We offer open pricing for all products optimizing components are as under.
o Raw materials are checked by our technical person to avoid any miscalculation and over consumption.
o Fabric price is considered very carefully right from yarn and get the price with breakdown of each company and also considered current market price.
o CM is considered on the style and also considered the market price.
o Accessories/ printing are considered on the basis of market price.
o Commercial cost is considered on actual trend.
o Any value added operations like embroidery, printing, garment dye, packaging, etc. will require artwork, color submits, and precise definition of raw material required (hang tags, thread types, inks, etc).
o On the basis of above analysis we offer our customer a challenging price, top quality and absolute satisfaction by ship on time, which is a vital element for this business.


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